In this video I share an unforgettable experience I had holding a tiny, buzzing something that people don’t often get to touch. A short time later, more of these tiny buzzing things visited me in mass after I was paralyzed…

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  • Jean says:

    I had a tender mercy moment but I would love to share. I had a friend named Dave and he loved the song, Angels Among Us, he even had a group of friends sing it at his mission farewell. When he got back from his mission, he married and had a little boy. One day he fell asleep at the wheel and died in an accident. Since he was my friend, my husband did not want me to have anything to do with him, so I was not able to go to the funeral. The night of the funeral I went to award party with my grandma and they were playing music. The song, Angels Among Us came on and tears came to my eyes. I knew that heavily father was aware of my situation and I was able to express my love for my friend Dave with my heart .