A Big, Tough Tiny Town

By April 17, 2015 2 Comments

My family growing up would take long drives and just look at the houses and landscape. I guess it was a favorite past time for me because when I’m needing a little R&R, I take a little drive by myself.

I steered my car onto the tiny streets of a tiny town recently and was loving the scenic pastures and charming houses. There were goats and sheep and cows and old architecture that was soothing as I rode slowly down the sometimes rough roads.

But then I started to notice some little country quirks. For instance, uh, this:


I think this cute little town has some feisty friends. They seem to be very proactive here.

This little town just jumped 6 points on the not-so-charming-but-nevertheless-very-likeable scale. If that were ever a thing.

And I started to think that maybe they had quite their fair share of spinal cord injuries here when I saw this:


Fun AND safe.

But I think what pushed it over the edge for me was when I saw their multipurpose building:


Does your to-do list include researching, seeing the mayor, fighting a ticket, and getting a restraining order?Just think of the TIME the residents here save!

This is my kind of place.

I think I’ll be taking more drives into this very exciting, tiny town.

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  • Amoryn Mund says:

    We love Willard. It’s where my husband grew up.
    You think the buildings and the multipurpose building is awesome, wait until you meet the people. The Bishop of one ward is related to the Bishop in another. And your next door neighbors might be related to your ex husband. 🙂 Kids ride their bikes up the street to visit grandma and grandpa, and your daddy works across the street in the ‘Shop out Back.’ Your Primary Teacher is very likely to also be your Kindergarten teacher, and if you forget what day and time is yours to irrigate your lawn, no worries, your neighbor will probably do it for you.

    • Meg Johnson says:

      Oh my, it sounds like such a wonderful place! Maybe we’ll love to be a part of your great community some day!